Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Tips for Women Traveling Alone

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There are many myths about women traveling alone, some of them are true and some of them are completely wrong. I want to inform every women that is out there that you can do it. Hopefully you will feel inspired and strong after reading this article, and before you know it you´ll find yourself on a plane heading to your dream destination.

In September 2013 I told my mom that I was going to Mexico for a month alone. Her reaction was “are you out of your mind, crazy?!” I answered her with “I don’t know.” But now I do know. It was maybe a little crazy, but a good craziness that I want to do over and over again.


Why everyone will tell you not to travel alone.

We can start with the stereotype questioning the safety about women traveling alone. You have probably read warnings in the newspapers, don’t go there, don’t visit that street. But yesterday I read that milk drinking people die faster. So you just need to put two and two together and don’t believe everything you hear, not even the news. What you can do is to read travel blogs for that destination you want to see. That way you can get more of a real answer from people who already have been there. I’m not saying that your not suppose to believe what’s in the news, but do your own research you will see that it will turn out to be your best friend in your travels. Here is a list to help you get started.

5 things you can do to feel safer

  • Read about your destination and learn some basic phrases of the language
  • Contact travel bloggers that have been there before for personal tips
  • Do research about the bad things too, that way you are prepared on how to handle them
  • Choose a hostel, not hotel. This way you will always be with other people, inside and out
  • For backup you can also put a post on that you are in town and are looking for a guide or someone that wants to hang out. You can check out their profiles and find one with good feedback that you will be comfortable with.

If you do all these things every time you are going to a new place I promise you that you will feel that you are in control. It’s a good feeling to feel that you are handling the situation, as it gives you courage to move further and keep on traveling. Maybe your next stop you will feel so independent that you want to go and explore by yourself, and this is when the next 5 things become very important.

5 things that I have learned as a women traveling alone.

  • Don’t walk around with the wrong clothes, I know you think you are old enough to choose your own clothes, but you are in another country and many things can be different, so respect that.
  • If you want to drink, don’t do it alone. A group is good, that way you will always be with someone.
  • If someone offers you help, be careful. Sorry to say but in a lot of cases, not all but a lot, they want something. So if you can manage to do it on your own, do it.
  • Be street-smart. Don’t walk in the dark, don’t flash your money, don’t show if you are scared etc.
  • Follow your gut feeling, trust it, every time.


I love traveling alone! Here’s why.

So why do I choose to travel alone? Because its freedom! It’s an important thing I think every human being should do in their life. Think about it, if you even have the opportunity you are lucky. There are so many people out there that want to see the world but can’t because they are poor, need to take care of someone, or even maybe they are sick. Use what you have to motivate yourself to see this beautiful world. You will learn so much about yourself, countries, cultures and then you start to see the beauty of it; that we are all connected. People are more warm and helping then you think and I have found that a random “good morning” could turn into a new best friend. When you are traveling alone you need to put yourself out there every day, you need to be all you can be, as there are no walls to hide behind. Every day is a new day to be and practice the person you want to be. There are so many interesting souls out there that will help you and lead you in the right direction. Just make sure that your eyes are really open before you expect anything.



Cons of being a woman traveling alone

  • You always need to carry all your stuff alone and its getting heavier and heavier for every country you are visiting.
  • If you don’t know how to read a map, you need to learn how. But try not to use it because then everyone will know you are new at this place, and sometimes that’s not the best. Clear your environment first.
  • Sometimes you get homesick, and you are alone. ( but you are probably surrounded by nice people that will give you a shoulder to cry on if you ask)
  • You need to make every decision by yourself, even if you have the most uncertain day of your life.

puerto-escondido-rooftopI have been traveling around alone and I have experienced a lot of different things. One time my wallet got stolen and my bank took 3 days to transfer money, so there I was in Puerto Escondido Mexico without money. I ended up sleeping on the top of a roof with all the cats and it turned out to be one of my best memories. Hostels were giving me free food, and everyone I met was reaching out a hand. Be humble, always, but not naive. There’s a big difference so it’s important to know this to be happy and safe on your travels.


My final thoughts on Women traveling alone.

So to all the beautiful women out there, if you are thinking about it but are unsure start with the research.  You can find a lot of good, helpful information out there. You can even find a travel-friend that you can meet up with and you can choose if you want to travel further alone or not. The important thing is that you don’t travel with someone you already know. So get started, if you want to get inspired go and read about Liz or Kate They both started all alone and you can read about their experiences and advice. If you want a new friend to show you around your destination or a place to stay go to Check for cheap flights at and your hostels choices at

I hope this information can help others to see the possibility of traveling alone, even if you’re a woman. Trust and believe in yourself, it will take you anywhere!

Guest Author: Madelen Lingren


Amazing quotes, from amazing women travelers

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart

The first woman to fly solo across the atlantic

“Curiosity is the one thing invincible in nature.” – Freya Stark

One of the first non Arabians to travel through the Southern Arabian Deserts.

“Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.” – Nellie Bly

The first woman who took a record-breaking trip around the world.

“The real work of an expedition begins when you return.” – Louise Arner Boyd

The first woman to reach the north pole

Madelen Lindgren

Hi, my name is Madelen. I´m 24 years old from Norway and have been solo traveling since I was 18, and love it. Over the years I have experienced many different things and am happy to share some of them with you.

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