Cenote Tours From Playa Del Carmen

Cenote Tours FromPlaya Del Carmen

Want to visit Cenote Ik Kil in the picture and Chichen Itza on the cheap? CLICK HERE!

Cenote tours from Playa Del Carmen are abundant, and are well worth the time spent to visit one of these fresh water phenomenons. Many cenotes are located above ground, appearing to be small or midsize ponds, however they are almost all accompanied by underwater cave systems leading deep into the earth. They are formed when limestone bedrock collapses into the earth and exposes the fresh water below. It is due to the large abundance of the limestone in Quintana Roo area of Mexico that makes this the largest breeding ground for cenotes in the world. There are literally hundreds of cenotes located in the state of Quintana Roo so there is no reason that you should not see one on your next trip.

Cenotes were considered sacred areas for the Mayan´s. They were often used as a place of worship for rain gods, and considered a passage to the afterlife. Because of these beliefs, offerings were often dropped into the cenotes to appease the gods such as gold, and even human sacrifice. During the early exploration of some of these cenotes, human remains were found to reinforce the human sacrifice theory. Following these discoveries the remains were protected by the UNESCO convention of underwater cultural heritage. Some of these remains were carbon dated to be over 13000 years old! In addition these cenotes provided fresh drinking water for the early inhabitants of this land which is why you will often find many cenotes in close proximity to ancient Mayan Ruins such as Chichen Itza, and Coba.

playa-del-carmen-cenote-toursWe offer many different tours from Playa Del Carmen to keep the adventure going as you travel down south through Mexico. However some of our favorites involve cenote tours from Playa Del Carmen, such as our Chichen Itza tour with Cenote Ik´kil included. On this tour you will have time to cool off with a swim in this ancient cenote. Ik´kíl is the size of a large pond with steps winding down deep into the earth to get to it. However for the adventurous at heart you will probably not make it to the bottom of the steps as there are multiple platforms to jump off, into the crystal clear water below.

For all of you certified divers out there we offer guided 2 tank cenote dives that will take you deep into the unknown. You will have choices of different cenotes to dive in, so why stop at one? Book your cenote dives online, or contact us to help you plan your perfect diving experience. As always, the choice is yours, and we look forward to seeing you in Playa Del Carmen!

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