Satisfaction Guarantee

So you may be asking yourself…

Satisfaction-iconI am planning a trip, and want to get everything taken care of in advance, BUT how can I achieve these things and know that I am making a good informed decision? Many times the best local companies are buried in the web, don’t offer online reservations, or don’t even have a website.

At Wonderous World our mission is to equal the playing field for you. Local adventure tours can be hard to organize in advance, and you never know what to expect. That is why we have made it our mission to organize this experience for you, and make it as easy as possible. All of our partner tour operators are hand selected on the ground, so that we can assure that you are receiving a quality experience.


We understand that making a confirmed reservation with local, experienced, and certified tour operators can be a difficult task. What makes our service different is that we work with multiple qualified companies that have all been evaluated by our agents on the ground. This ability allows us to confirm your reservation online without ANY hassle to you, our valued customer. Most tours are customer direct pricing, or discounted. However some tours do have a small fee to protect our reservation process and get you a confirmed reservation with a credible company in the local market. All of which is included in our total online price. No gimmicks, no hassle.

If for any reason (very rare), a reservation cannot be fulfilled on the date and time that you requested we will ask for 2 alternative dates to schedule the tour. If either of those dates cannot be filled, we will issue a full refund of any deposits plus an additional $20 per customer for the inconvenience.*

*Parties of 7 or larger do not qualify for the additional $20 refund. If you have a party larger than 6 you may email us prior to your order for a guaranteed reservation. However it is not necessary. A full refund of any deposits paid are always issued if dates cannot be fulfilled as described above.

Thank you for your interest in Wonderous World. May your next adventure be a great one!