Camelbak Products Men’s HydroBak Hydration Pack

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  • Antidote Reservoir features easy open/close cap and low-profile design
  • Short torso sits above jersey pockets
  • Reflectivity
  • Designed to Carry: Multi-tool or wallet, keys
  • CamelBak Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee

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The HydroBak provides hands-free hydration on the road or trail for minimalist expeditions. Boasting a short pack profile and exceptional ventilation with a diamond mesh back panel and lightweight mesh harness, the HydroBak delivers barely there comfort. The Antidote Reservoir offers ready access to your hydration while the essentials pocket holds your wall and keys, and the reflectivity ensures that you stay visible on the road. Hydration Capacity: 50 ounces (1.5 liters)
Torso Length: 13 inches (33 centimeters)
Pack Weight: 5.5 ounces (160 grams)
Fabric: 70D Diamond Clarus with DWR + 1000mm PU coating, 210D Nylon with DWR + 400mm PU coating
Pack Features:

Diamond mesh back panel
Lightweight mesh harness
External fill reservoir
Short pack profile
Essentials pocket
Carries: multi-tool or wallet, keys
Antidote Reservoir Features:

Low-profile design for unmatched stability
Air-light fillport cuts weight
HydroGuard technology to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and prolong reservoir life
PureFlow tube
Patented Big Bite Valve for easy drinking
Easy-to-clean wide-mouth opening
Quick-seal cap tightens in just a quarter turn

5 reviews for Camelbak Products Men’s HydroBak Hydration Pack

  1. Wonderous World


    Hose doesn’t have a good anchor so I placed a bit of velcro on …
    By Norman L. Shaw on July 25, 2014
    Color Name: Lemon GreenSize Name: 50-Ounce Verified Purchase
    I’ve had it out about 10 times now. Fits snub when I pull the straps tight. Water will make noise if you leave air in it. Hose doesn’t have a good anchor so I placed a bit of velcro on the mouth piece and on the left shoulder and it works great. I may need to go up in size though. On a particular warm day, 88f, I ran out of water on a 7.5 mile run.

  2. Wonderous World


    Saved my life in Vegas
    By kelly on June 19, 2014
    Color Name: Racing Red/GraphiteSize Name: 50-Ounce Verified Purchase
    Got this for my first trip to vegas in the summer and I’m so glad I did. Kept the water cool for a good amount of time. Low profile so its not bulky feeling. Excited to try it hiking and biking.

  3. Wonderous World


    A must have training for a mountaineering expedition
    By Expedition Outreach on April 29, 2014
    Color Name: Pure Blue/GraphiteSize Name: 50-Ounce
    My wife & I race marathons, duathlons & triathlons as training for our mountaineering expeditions, we remember the days before hydration packs & integrated bladders were created, we saw how the first systems leaked & were not so user friendly, We are so glad those days are over. We watched as CamelBak led the way for all other backpack designs. Today their whole line is top notch, I use this Hydropack for my training when all I need is some room for a snack & lots of water. It’s perfect.

  4. Wonderous World


    Great for holding liquid, but the fit isn’t comfortable
    By Bocaboy on June 28, 2014
    Color Name: Black/GraphiteSize Name: 50-Ounce Verified Purchase
    I’m an older ex-runner who is now an avid walker in Florida. I go out in the morning for about 4 miles. In South Florida, the summer heat can be upwards of 85-90º with 70-85% humidity, so it’s very important to stay hydrated. I really hate carrying a water bottle or having it hang from my waistband. I’d heard about Camelbak line of water carriers and thought I’d give one a try.

    The hydration system works as advertised and keeps the temperature of the water nice and cold. Unfortunately the fit of the Hydropak seems to be less than ideal, at least for me. I believe that the model I purchased, the Hydropak, has been discontinued and maybe this problem is solved in newer models. Unfortunately the Camelbak I now own isn’t all that comfortable to wear, making it less than ideal to use during my long walks.

    I chose the Camelbak Hydropak based on price and water capacity. The Hydropak holds 1.5 litres of liquid, more than enough for my 1 hour walk. It’s easy to fill with ice water from the refrigerator and it keeps it nice and cold. The Hydropak is easy to drink from using the built-in straw. When I’m finished with my walk, I simply empty any remaining water and let it air dry for the next day. If the bladder needs cleaning, it’s easily removed and reinstalled.

    The gripe I have with the Hydropak is with the fit and location of the shoulder straps and adjustment clips. The straps have plastic adjusters to customize the fit, just like regular backpacks. These adjustment clips, unlike regular backpacks, are mounted just below the armpit. With the Camelbak on and adjusted, the buckles lie right on the side of my rib cage and rub against my arms during the normal motion of walking. It’s really annoying and uncomfortable.

    This might be less annoying if I were wearing a traditional t-shirt, but in the summer, because of the heat and humidity, I wear a sleeveless performance shirt and the adjustment clips rub directly against the inside of my arms.

    It would definitely help if there was a sternum strap. That would allow the adjustment clips to be pulled slightly forward and away from where my arm brushes against my rib cage. As it is now, I am constantly aware of the buckles as my arms swing back and forth during the normal motion of walking.

    Another minor quibble is that the Camelbak ships with no instructions. I had no idea what the open or closed position was of the yellow shutoff valve on the mouthpiece. In fact, I had no idea it was a shutoff valve. It also took some experimenting to see how the bladder came out of the carrier so that it could be cleaned and/or dried. An additional tag on the bag with this information would have been a big help, but I guess the manufacturer feels that it is so obvious and simple that no instructions are needed. I’m pretty technically savvy and can usually figure out how things work, so spending some time with the Hydropak and a search or two on Google got me filled in on the basics. It would have been so-o simple for Camelbak to include this information, especially about the shutoff valve and bladder, that I’m a bit mystified as to why Camelbak doesn’t do it.

    My 2¢ of advice is if you decide to purchase the Hydropak, try it on first, without filling it with liquid, to confirm the comfort of the fit and the location of the adjustment straps and buckles. If you have the same problem I have, you’ll be able to return it to Amazon.

  5. Wonderous World


    GREAT buy!
    By Moniqua Dornbusch on May 27, 2014
    Color Name: Spring Grass/WhiteSize Name: 50-Ounce Verified Purchase
    This was delivered in a timely manner and I absolutely love it. The color is really cute in green. I’ve used it while mountain biking and hiking and I didn’t notice any extra weight or constraint during either. I was hoping for a chest strap to keep it better in place but it doesn’t need it. The mouthpiece opens wide enough to take in an adequate amount of water and the side zipper is big enough to carry a smartphone with just a little more space for a couple protein bars or whatever else is absolutely necessary. This isexactly I wanted and expected. If I were out for longer than four hours, I would probably want a larger size. Well made, as I would expect from this brand.

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