Villahermosa, Mexico

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Welcome to Villahermosa.

Villahermosa is the official capital city of Tabasco. It is also the halfway point between Cancun, and Mexico City. Go ahead and stop on through on your next adventure. 

Country: Mexico
State: Tobasco
Founded: 1564
Population 2010: 640,359
Airport: Carlos Rovirosa Pérez International Airport

Villahermosa (beautiful village) is the capital of the state of Tabasco, inland from the coast on the Grijalva and Carrizal rivers. A little off the beaten path, this Mexican city will grow on you, so spend a few days here to soak up the culture. Pleasant plazas, a mixture of old and modern streets and many galleries and museums make up the core. The Regional Anthropology Museum is worth checking out to learn about the many indigenous cultures of the region including Olmec, Mayan, Aztec, Mixtec, Totonac and Zapotec. For more historical insights, visit the Museo de Historia de Tabasco, perfect for spending an hour or two. Most of the city activity is centralized around the pedestrianized Zona Luz in the old town and Tabasco 2000 in the more modern part of town. An absolute must is a trip to Parque Museo La Venta, where artifacts have been moved from La Venta itself, 120km away, a pre-Colombian site of the indigenous Olmec population in Tabasco. The top thing to see here are the giant basalt Olmec heads dating from 900BC, thought to represent important people of the civilization like chieftain leaders or great warriors. Although they are not in their original location, this site at Villahermosa is a much more accessible way to see these great artifacts. You can take a nice stroll through the surrounding park and try some wildlife spotting in the small on-site zoo. For seeing animals in a more natural setting, head to the Yumká Ecological Reserve for a basic safari experience. For more cultural insights into ancient civilization, visit the small Olmec-Mayan ruins at Comalcalco, the only pyramidal site in Mexico made from kilned limestone block. Check out the mysterious carvings in the limestone blocks and visit the small on-site museum with pre-hispanic artifacts on display. The hot and humid climate means you should do your sightseeing early morning or late evening, and don’t forget that mosquito repellant.

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The Olmec, Mexico’s oldest culture, were the first inhabitants in this area. They were followed by the Mayans making this area especially rich in cultural artifacts. The lush land surrounding Villahermosa is fertile, and the main crops produced are coffee, cacao, banana and rubber trees. Off-shore oil deposits discovered in the 1970s led to a boom in this area and sparked its modernization. So nowadays, Villahermosa is a perfect combination of the old and the new. 


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