Mexico City, Mexico

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Welcome to Mexico City.

Take a trip to Mexico City and you can say you visited one of the largest cities in the world. Mexico City, also known as District Federal, is Mexico’s Capital City and home to rich culture, art, and history.

Country: Mexico
Entity: Federal District
Population 2013: 21.2 Million
Federal District Founded: 1824
Airport: Mexico City International Airport

Let us help guide you through this mega world city. With Latin America’s largest historical center and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, there are delights and sights to please everyone. It is packed with beautiful plazas, countless theaters and galleries, art neighborhoods and a thumping nightlife. For art lovers, the National Museum of Art and the beautiful Museo de Arte Popular as well as a visit to the house of Frida Kahlo are sure to delight. Take a break from it all by visiting Chapultepec Park and Castle for a quiet walk and a visit to the National History Museum situated on a hill with spectacular views over the city below. For something a bit different, a little more somber and emotive, visit the Mueso Memoria y Tolerancia, depicting world atrocities during human history. Take a stroll through the city’s many diverse neighborhoods like the pre-hispanic Templo Mayor, the colonial art-filled area of Coyocan, admire the Art Noveau style of the Condesa district, upscale Santa Fe, Mexico’s ‘Little Venice’ in Xochimilco and the Zona Rosa, a shopping and tourist area. As with any big city, it is essential to exercise caution when wandering around other less known neighborhoods. The spectacular Ciudad Universitaria (City University) located in the Coyoacan district a little out of the main city is worth a visit as it was given UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2007. The university grounds also have an ecological area and a botanical garden and with many green areas to relax in, it is a perfect place to enjoy a weekend picnic. The city has a Metro system, making it easier to navigate. Don’t miss a day trip to visit to the nearby Aztec ruins of Teotihuacan, the Place of the Gods, among the most spectacular in Mexico.  And for adventure lovers, don’t forget to explore the mountains surrounding the city, perhaps with a hike up Iztaccihuatl Volcano, Mexico’s third highest mountain.


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  • Colonial Architecture
  • Art Deco neighbourhoods
  • Art Museums
  • Aztec Ruins
  • Eco Parks
  • Spanish Schools
  • Night Life
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Mexico City is at the heart of the political and economic Mexican world with the highest gross domestic product per capita. However, the disproportionate wealth distribution is clear from the vast difference in the upscale and poorer neighborhoods contained within its core. The city seal reflects its historical origins with a castle flanked by two lions standing on a bridge representing the lagoon on which the first site of the old city was built. This is surrounded by a wreath of cactus leaves representing the city’s nearby cactus fields.


Mexico City Hotels (98)

Mexico City dates back to the 1300’s with the Aztecs building the first temples there and calling it Tenochtitlan. Check out some of our hotels near the museums if your interested in learning more about the city’s amazing history.


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