Merida, Mexico

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Welcome to Mérida sometimes referred to as La Ciudad Blanca, “The White City”. Many believe the nickname originated from the amount of white buildings that once lined the streets. Today, there is a ton of things to explore and see in Mérida. This city is rich with music and dancing on a daily basis. There are cathedrals, cultural centers and museums spread throughout. Also, this city has the largest population of the indigenous Mayan population per capita, more than any other Mexican city. Spend some time at Yucatan’s 400+ year old capital city and you’ll surely be in for a cultural surprise.

Country: Mexico
State: Yucatan
Founded: 1542
Population 2010: 970,377
Airport: Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport

As the capital and largest city in the Yucutân peninsula and with its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Mérida is full of delights for every traveler. It has a large centro histórico  combined with a modern cosmopolitan area filled with theaters, galleries, excellent restaurants and shops. The city is steeped in Mayan culture that still pervades today. The Carnival that takes place in February is a special time in the city and make sure not to miss the fun at the flower battle for something completely different. Also, don’t miss the traditional Vaquería Festival, a free event that happens every Monday night at the Palacio Municipal (City Hall) that showcases the wonderful traditional dance and music of this region. On Sundays in the central plaza, there is a free weekly street festival with music and dancing. The area is speckled with many Mayan ruins that are not to be missed. Visit the popular Uxmal or Mayapan ruins, smaller, less crowded ruins in a similar style to Chichén Itzá or the Dzibilchaltun ruins and combine a visit to the on site museum with a cenote swim. In fact, many cenotes and grutas (cave system) dot the surrounding areas of Mérida, perfect to swim, snorkel or dive in. Don’t forget to take a cookery course or a foody tour to enjoy the wonderful regional cuisine this area has to offer.

  • Colonial architecture
  • Traditional Dance
  • Festivals
  • Cookery classes
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Cenote Swimming
  • Eco Parks
  • Spanish Schools
  • Night Life
  • ATV Adventures
  • Cave Tours

Mérida’s historic centre is second largest in size behind Mexico city. It is the capital and financial powerhouse for the Yucután peninsula. Historically, it was ideally located for trade relations with the USA and the Carribean Islands, and was not linked to the rest of Mexico until the 1950s, when a railway line was constructed. This served to preserve the unique cultural heritage of Mérida and the Yucután peninsula which persists today, making it quite a different cultural heritage from the rest of Mexico.


Merida Hotels

Merida has been around since 1542 so there are still many colonial buildings, and important landmarks to see. Some of these buildings are used today as hotels, and offer a very unique experience. Take your time and find one that has some history.


Merida Hostels

Because it is such an old city there are many travelers from all over that enjoy making a pass through the historic city of Merida. You will always find good company at these hostels. This city is appreciated more by the true discovery travelers.